LHS mobile application latest arrangement

According to Cap. 599F, the details of the requirements and restrictions regarding LHS mobile application are as follows:

Customers or users of scheduled premises must scan the LHS venue QR code using the LHS mobile application before entering the premises. Having considered that some individuals are unable to meet the requirement of using of the LHS mobile application due to reasonable reasons, the following three categories of persons may fill in a specified form as an alternative to the use of the LHS mobile application:
     (a) persons aged 65 or above and aged 15 or below;
     (b) persons with disability; and
     (c) other persons recognised by the Government or organisation(s)
           authorised by the Government.

For persons aged 15 or below entering the catering business premises and scheduled premises, he or she would not have to register his or her personal information using the specified form if he or she is accompanied by an adult who has complied with the LHS requirement (i.e. he or she has used the LHS mobile application or used the specified form to register relevant information as an alternative in accordance with the requirement).

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation!


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